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Get Sugar Savvy and CRUSH THE CRAVINGS

It’s time to get Sugar Savvy, the effective solution to dropping those stubborn pounds, energizing your body, and feeling great about yourself. Health and wellness guru Kathie “High Voltage” Dolgin will help you retrain your brain to say no to sugar and its harmful effects, and get you on the path to “Fit, Fabulous and Fierce”...FOREVER! Our most successful Sugar Savvy Sister lost over 18 pounds in 6 weeks!

Get Ready to...
DETOX your body from sugar overload
STOP the midday energy crashes
Get RID of excess weight

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Unleash Your

photoSugar Savvy is all about feeling great about yourself. Taking control of your own health, your weight, your happiness and gaining the confidence to change how you feel. We'll show you how to ditch the sugar in a fun, easy, life-changing way!


Retrain your Brain!

Sugar Savvy starts at the top— with your brain! You'll learn how to reset your taste buds to change what you crave and want to eat. Get ready to...

  • LOSE stubborn pounds
  • AVOID type 2 diabetes and heart disease
  • Have boundless ENERGY
  • Feel confident and POWERFUL
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DEFEND Your Body
From Hidden Sugars

photo Seemingly healthy foods can be loaded with unnecessary sugar—fruit yogurts, “healthy” breakfast cereals, even jarred spaghetti sauce! We'll show you how to be a super "sugar sleuth" and make alternate choices that are simply better!


Don't let sugar weigh you down!
Embrace your inner strength to DEFEAT THE POWER OF SUGAR addiction with Sugar Savvy!

  1. Do you crave sweets and other comfort foods when you are feeling sad or moody?
  2. Do you think about that next bite of chocolate, or the cookies at home in the pantry?
  3. Have you ever lied about what you eat?
  4. Do you consistently crash mid-day, and then hit the soda machine to rev yourself back up?
  5. Does every meal or celebration need something sweet to accompany it?
  6. Does this sound like you? Time to get Sugar Savvy!

Does this sound like you?
Time to get Sugar Savvy!